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Click on the sources below for stories on Brie's work. For all media inquiries, please email

"The Oddly Compelling, Super-Realistic, Instagram-Famous Drawings of Artist Brie Hayden.
She lost her job at Madame Tussaud’s due to the pandemic. Now she’s making more selling her work."

"Local Artist Brie Hayden Gains National Following with Hyperrealism Drawings
Celebrities and brands are taking note of Hayden's work."

"Welcome to season five, episode four of The Abundant Artist, the show that dispels the myth of ‘the starving artist’ and shares how you can live an abundant life as an artist and make a living from your talent one interview at a time. Joining the podcast today is American realism artist, Brie Hayden."

"Inspired by the concept of the Little Free Library, professional artist Brie Hayden created a space for artists of all levels to share and showcase their work. It's called Brie's Art Exchange."

"Discover works by amateur or established artists. You love our papers. As for us, we love to see your paintings and we are delighted to exhibit them in our online gallery!"

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