Brie Hayden is an American artist based in Richmond, VA, who creates freehand, realistic graphite drawings. She is self-described as a left-brained artist obsessed with detail and shading. Brie’s drawing process becomes almost meditative for her, as she works to mimic the contours, light, and shadows she sees in her photo references. Her style continues to push further into hyperrealism, as she works to perfect her craft.

"I work exclusively in mediums that I can tightly control, making no unintended marks. Constantly sharpening my pencils and working entirely freehand, I draw objects with often unnoticed or unappreciated details. I am in love with details and addicted to the satisfaction I get by recreating them in a way that highlights the object’s complexity, focusing my attention on the slightest change between highlight and shadow. I draw my objects in large white spaces so the viewer can be absorbed into the piece without distraction."

Shows & Awards

Riverviews Artspace

14th Annual Juried Exhibition | Nov 2022


Van Landingham Gallery at Torpedo Factory

Juror for "Bold & Fierce" | October 2022

Target Gallery at Torpedo Factory

"Fall Salon" | Fall 2022

"Fall Salon" | Fall 2021

Crossroads Art Center

All Media Show | November 2022

All Media Show | September 2022

All Media Show | May 2022

  • First Place 2D

All Media Show | March 2022

  • Honorable Mention 2D


The Art League at Torpedo Factory

"Open Exhibit" | May 2022; December 2021; August 2021; July 2021; May 2021; August 2020; January 2020;

"Petite December" | December 2021

"Art on the Rocks" | September 2021

"Line by Line" | March 2021

"Feast" | November 2020

Latela Curatorial x ARTSY

"Women in the Arts" | Fall 2020

Palette 22

Resident Artist | Oct 2019-July 2020

  • Artist of the Month | July 2020


Glavé Kocen

"From Me to You" | February 2020


Arches Online Artist Gallery | Ongoing