Brie Hayden is an American realism artist from Northern Virginia, who works in a variety of mediums. She is self-described as a left-brained artist obsessed with detail and shading. Brie’s drawing process becomes almost meditative for her, as she works to mimic the contours, light, and shadows she sees in her photo references. Her style continues to push further into hyperrealism, as she works to perfect her craft.

"I work exclusively in mediums that I can tightly control, making no unintended marks. Constantly sharpening my pencils and working entirely freehand, I draw objects with often unnoticed or unappreciated details. I am in love with details and addicted to the satisfaction I get by recreating them in a way that highlights the object’s complexity, focusing my attention on the slightest change between highlight and shadow. I draw my objects in large white spaces so the viewer can be absorbed into the piece without distraction."

Brie received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology and Minor in Studio Art from James Madison University in 2016. During her time at JMU Brie studied Italian Renaissance art in Florence for a semester. After college, Brie moved to Melbourne, Australia, which is often named the street art capital of the world, where she created her series of stippled animal drawings she later turned into her Dots Gone Wild series.

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